Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What are Rocket Title’s Regular Business Hours?

Rocket Title’s normal operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday; however, we are always willing to accommodate our client’s work schedule if a late-night closing is necessary.

Does Rocket Title Offer Saturday Hours?

Typically, we are closed on Saturday; however, if an emergency or special circumstance arises, we will do our best to set a Saturday appointment with management approval as well as approval from the buyer’s lender, seller, and agents involved.

What Items Do I Need Bring To Closing if I am a Buyer?

You should bring 2 forms of identification along with a certified check if you are required to bring funds to closing.

Does Rocket Title Accept Credit Card Payments?

No, Rocket Title is unable to run credit card transactions. We can accept payments only by personal check or money orders (up to $300.00), cashier’s check (up to $3,500) or wire transfers (unlimited) & Earnnest.

As a Seller, How Quickly Can I Expect To Receive Proceed Money After Closing?

The Wet Settlement Act requires settlement agents to disburse all proceeds within 48 business hours after settlement has occurred. Additionally, Rocket Title does not disburse funds until the title update and recording has been completed. Funds are typically available after 3:00 PM the day after closing.

If The Seller Of a Property Recently Passed Away, What Are The Typical Requirements For Funds To be Released To The Estate?

Our title insurance underwriter, Stewart Title Guarantee Company, will require a copy of the deceased seller’s death certificate.

The Executor/Executrix of the Estate may choose one of the three options below, regarding disbursing Estate funds:


  • A corporate surety bond can be obtained covering the open estate, naming Stewart Title Guaranty Company as loss payee, which must be approved prior to closing in the amount of $(net proceeds) and an Indemnity Agreement would need to executed;
  • A nonrefundable Extra-hazardous risk premium can be paid to Stewart Title Guaranty Company, in the amount of $2.00 per $1,000 of the SALES PRICE and an Indemnity Agreement would need to executed.
  • Rocket Title could escrow 100% of the net proceeds of the sale for a period of one year from the date of death of the deceased and an Indemnity Agreement would need to executed.
If I am Unavailable On The Day of Closing What Are My Options?

Rocket Title offers clients three convenient options for document notarization:

POA Preparation: Our attorney prepares a Specific Power of Attorney, allowing clients to appoint someone to sign documents. Clients take the POA to a local notary, with the cost added to the closing disclosure. We provide FedEx assistance.

Mobile Notary: We find a local mobile notary, coordinating signing and adding the fee to the closing disclosure.

FedEx Delivery: If you have documents early, we send them. After notarization, return the originals with FedEx assistance. Note: Notarizations outside Rocket Title require valid contact info.

Does The Buyer And Seller Need To Sign Their Documents Together, Simultaneously?

No, buyers and sellers typically don’t sign their documents together in the same office. Additionally, if the closing documents are signed on different dates, the buyer’s signed documents must be signed on the same day or a date after the seller’s signed documents. It is common for the buyer and seller to use different title companies or closing attorney’s.

If The Seller Fails To Complete Repairs Prior To Closing, What Options Do I Have as a Buyer?

In cases where repairs can’t be finished before closing, we offer three solutions:

  • Your agent might negotiate a seller credit for repair costs.
  • Rocket Title can escrow part of the seller’s proceeds for up to 30 days, releasing them to the buyer if repairs aren’t done.
  • Choose to delay closing until repairs are complete.
As a Buyer, What Items Can I Expect To Receive After Closing From Rocket Title?

Rocket Title will be sending you the original recorded deed and owner’s title insurance policy within 30 days of closing.

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